Google Sites

Google Sites Crib Sheet

With a small group, create a Google Site. (One participant will create the site and add others as collaborators.)
Decide on a topic for the site. Ideally this will be something that a student or teacher might use. (Or something fun to liven up the afternoon!)
Practice adding pages and content.
Practice embedding documents, presentations, videos, and more.
Add the lead learner as a collaborator on your site. Links to each site will be shared below.
A representative from each group will share their site with the large group. (Time Permitting)

Creating the Page
  1. Click "Create new site".
  2. Notice that there are a variety of templates, but go with the default one ("blank template") for now.
  3. Type in a name (this is what will appear as the page heading).
  4. Look at the possibilities under Theme and More Options, choosing one if the spirit moves you.
  5. Type in the annoyingly hard-to-read code and then click on Create Site and think good thoughts.

Adding Content
  1. Click the "Edit page" button.
  2. Change the page title (it starts as "Home") if you wish.
  3. Add a paragraph of text, and play with the text formatting controls to see what they do.
  4. Beneath your paragraph, try adding a picture that you upload or via a link (start with "Insert" in the upper left).
  5. Use the Insert tool to add a Google Doc, Form, Map, and/or Calendar.
  6. Save your changes, and then click the "Create page" button.
  7. Leave it as a top-tier page or as a sub-page to Home, as you wish.
  8. Add something profound to this page.
  9. Add an unusual gadget (from "Insert"). You'll probably need to save to see how they work.
  10. If motivated to do so, try sharing the site (under "more actions").
  11. If your creation is not worthy of continued existence, delete it ("more actions", then "Manage site", then "general", then scroll down to the bottom).