Activity - Basic Google Search vs. Advanced Search Groups assigned to research topics using basic search and then advanced search.

Effective Search Practices

*Activity: Use advanced search techniques to find the following:
-Ozone depletion in Australia from a government website (Not sure, try this.)
-A presentation file that is related to your subject matter and from universities in the U.S. (Not sure, try this.)
-A black and white image that's labeled for reuse to download on to your computer. (Not sure, go here.)

Validating Resources - Get REAL: 4 Steps to Validating Information

*Activity: Use the REAL Steps to validate these websites.

November Learning - Information Literacy Resources
-Shelley's Search Info Lit Page

Web Search Suggested Activities:


- * is the "wild card". For example, if you are using advanced search and you want to search k12 schools across the US, use k12.*.us in the Search within a site or domain: field.
-Please also check out Shelley's Search Page

Other Search Resources:

o Search Creative Commons
o The Internet Archive (Examples: India in 1959; MLK Interview; Sun Basics)
o Library of Congress - Explore Primary Sources (Prints and Photographs)
o TeacherTube and YouTube - TubeTV