Search Challenges

Try your hand at answering one or more of these queries. Practice using the Google Advanced Search techniques and specialized search types.

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  1. Suppose you’re writing a report for school. Find two websites that have lots of information about Westward Expansion. Why did people want to move west? What did they eat? How did they travel? What were some of the hardships they endured?
  2. Where in England might I be able to see an authentic brank on display?
  3. Where in Chicago can I see a Harold? What is a Harold?
  4. There's a butterfly with a torn wing hopping around on my porch. What do I do?
  5. What is the little plastic thing at the end of a shoelace called?
  6. I need a government site that will give me up-to-date information about travel in Iran.
  7. What should I do with this gulrot?
  8. What is the name of that depression between your nose and lips? BONUS: What was the sniglet for that same body part?
  9. I heard there's an abandoned city near San Francisco. Is that true? If so, what was it called?