Teacher and Student Voices: Introduction to Podcasting

In this hands-on workshop, teachers will learn the basics of podcasting. See how educators can immerse students in international collaboration projects and have students become positive and contributing global citizens.

Focus will be placed upon:

  • What a podcast is
  • Where teachers and students can find and subscribe to podcasts
  • Planning for a podcast
  • Recording a podcast using a variety of tools
  • Publishing a podcast


Shelley's Agenda

What is a Podcast?

Example Classroom/Instructional Podcasts

Example Podcasts for Professional Development

Find & Listen to Podcasts

Why Podcast with Students?

(Adapted from Bob Sprankle)
  • Authenticity - real-world audience; it's what "real people" do, performance assessment
  • Engagement - student-directed, collaborative, choice, novelty & variety, work has meaning
  • Critical Thinking - planning and organizing (making choices), writing, editing and revising, synthesizing learning, creativity
  • Responsibility - students must be prepared, make decisions, manage time and resources
  • Differentiation - supports learning styles, interests and readiness (scalable to student skills)

Ideas for Classroom Podcasts

(adapted/expanded from Tony Vincent)
  • Document Field Trips
  • Interviews - experts, peers, role-playing historical figures, authors, scientists, etc...
  • Word of the Week / Math Minute
  • Book Reviews
  • Reader's Theater
  • Student Writing (Poetry, Fiction, Editorials)
  • Advice Column / Mailbag
  • Classroom or School News
  • Review Curricular Material / Topics of Study (teach others!)
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Student (or Teacher) Spotlight (Student of the Week)
  • Fascinating Facts... (related to topics of study)

Podcast Planning

Recording Tools

Cellphones as Podcasting Tools

Other Ideas
  • Skype - Record a Skype Conversation (Expert Interviews) and publish as a podcast. On a PC, use the free Pamela Recorder to record up to 15 minutes of Skype audio.
  • Handheld Recorders - Use inexpensive Flash-based (USB) MP3 players (e.g. Sandisk Sansa Express - Under $20) as a portable recorders (edit later in Audacity, GrarageBand or Myna). Great for field trips and interviews/student reporters.

Podsafe Music & Sound Effects

Publish a Podcast

Posterous - http://posterous.com
Podbean (uses Podpress to publish)
YOur own blog or server

Screencasting Tools

  • Jing - http://jingproject.com
    Free download for Mac or PC. Create annotated screen captures and video up to 5 min. Upload for free to Screencast.com or store on your own network or website.
  • Screenjelly - http://www.screenjelly.com/
  • Smart Recorder (part of Smart Notebook software for those using Smartboards)

Additional Resources