Quick and Dirty Podcasting Crib Notes

Audacity Help Resources (for later)

Initial Audacity Setup

  1. Connect your microphone FIRST.
  2. Launch Audacity.
  3. Go to File > Preferences. In the Devices section, select your microphone for Recording (select it for Playback, too while you are editing).
  4. Then, click the Import/Export tab. Under "When importing audio files" select Make a copy of uncompressed audio files before editing (safer). This protects your project if the original files get moved.

Help! My microphone is not working!

  1. Did you plug in your microphone BEFORE you launched Audacity?
  2. Is your microphone selected in the Preferences (Edit > Preferences > Recording) ?
  3. Is the Input Volume slider moved all the way to the +?
  4. Is your system input sound unmuted?
  5. Is the Mute button on your microphone (if it has one) deactivated?

Configure iTunes to Convert to MP3

(You only have to do this part once).
  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. Go to Edit (or iTunes) > Preferences
  3. Click the General tab, then click the Import Settings... button.
  4. Next to Import Using, select select MP3 Encoder.
    (Leave setting on "High Quality (160 kbps)" - Good Quality is fine for most podcasts, and will produce a smaller file, but you want your imported CD's at a higher quality, and you probably won't remember to keep switching this).

Convert an Exported Audacity file to MP3 in iTunes

  1. First, export your Audacity file as a WAV. Go to File > Export > Save as Type: WAV. Name and save the file somewhere easy to find. (You can skip the metadata part -- just click OK, we'll do that in iTunes).
  2. Open iTunes and select File > Add File to Library.
  3. Browse for your file and select it. iTunes will import it.
  4. Select the imported file (If you have a lot of Music in your library, the easiest way to find it is to sort by date added) and go to Advanced > Create MP3 version.
  5. You should then see two copies of your file in iTunes. They look identical, but they are not.

Add Episode Info (ID3 tags) in iTunes

  1. Right-click the converted (MP3 version) file and select Get Info (On the summary tab you can check to make sure you have the correct file).
  2. Click the Info tab and enter your podcast episode information in the provided fields, then click OK..
  • Name = Name of podcast episode
  • Artist = You, your class, or the name of your podcast (the show)
  • Year = current year
  • Album = the name of your Podcast (the show itself, not the episode)
  • Comments = your website if you have one, or contact info if you wish to share it
  • Genre = Podcast

Get Your Podcast Out of iTunes (for Publishing)

  1. Adjust your iTunes window so you can see both your converted file in i Tunes and part of your desktop.
  2. Drag the file to your desktop to create a copy that is easy to find and upload to wherever you publish your podcasts.
  3. Go forth and publish!