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Quick & Dirty Podcasting Tips (Audacity & iTunes Help)
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What is a Podcast?


Explore iTunes -

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Q: What makes a good Podcast?

A: Planning!

  • Listen to other podcasts and critique them to determine what works and what doesn't.
  • Know your audience and purpose - think about the best ways to interest and inform.
  • Write, edit and rehearse your script segments! Keep refining until it's the best it can be.
  • Use a quality microphone and quiet recording space.

Quick Review of Podcast Planning

Let's make a podcast!

Audacity Basics (get Audacity)

Convert wav to mp3 in iTunes -
(May need to check iTunes Preferences to make sure you are set to import as MP3, not AAC)

Publish to Posterous:

Send an email with your mp3 attached to
Your subject will become the title of your post. (Include first name!) "Shelley's W & W"

Advanced (stuff we won't get to - check the podcasting resources page)

Check Tony Vincent's Booklet for some suggestions about:
  • Planning, organizing, scripting and recording
  • Places to publish your podcast
  • Making sure you have the right kind of feed
  • Submitting your Podcast to iTunes