Podsafe Music Samples

Download one of these music files for the intro and outro portion of your practice podcast. We're just playing here.
(Thanks to Darren Kuropatwa for the awesome collection of samples!)

  1. Shuffle for K.M.from the Album Paris S.F. by the JPFM Band
    [right click to download Shuffle for K.M.mp3]
  2. Crazy Game from the Album Let Me In by PERSSON.
    [right click to download Crazy Game .mp3]
  3. Out on the Road from the album Blues For A Soldier by PERSSON
    [right click to download Out on the Road.mp3]
  4. Bzoark from the album Moods by Matteo Cargnelutti
    [right click to download Bzoark.mp3]
  5. Sandu from the album Surpriscording by Hugo 'Droopy' Contini
    [right click to download Sandu.mp3]
  6. Grimey Patches by Marco Raaphorst
    [right click to download Grimey Patches.mp3]
  7. The Triumph Of Obvious from the album The Unemployed by Jampy
    [right click to download The Triumph Of Obvious.mp3]
  8. Five Tribes from the album Patent Pending by Frank Thorstein
    [right click to download Five Tribes.mp3]
  9. Nocturne from the album Music For Your Soul (EP) by Martin Riopel
    [right click to download Nocturne.mp3]