Google Groups Crib Sheet (PDF)


Login: Use Your Personal “Google Account”

Email Discussion List:

Join the ASCD Google Group
Adjust your Membership Settings. (We recommend daily digest.)
Answer these two question in the appropriate discussion thread:
  1. What one new thing that you learned today will you implement immediately? (And what's your plan?)
  2. What is one thing you want to learn more about? (And what's your plan?)

Setup Tasks:
1. Edit “My membership profile” in the Group
• Set email preferences
2. Click on “Profile” in upper right corner
• Add your bio and picture
• This is seen across ALL your Google Groups
3. Check your personal contact information in the “Pages” section and modify it if required.

Key Features:
Threaded discussions posted to the web and distributed via email.
Find members of the group, including bio and contact information.
Information and links organized into pages.
Downloadable files shared by the group: Word Docs, images, PDFs, etc.