Connective Learning with Google Tools in Education
Discover Google. It’s more than just an ordinary search engine. Learn how to tap Google’s free online toolset and knock down the walls of any classroom, engage students and make connections in new and exciting ways. During this session teachers will build robust tools that can immediately be used in the classroom. Develop a custom search engine based on a particular subject area or unit of study. Create an interactive map for a literature, history, math or science class. Have students take part in a collaborative writing exercise with a shared writing tool. With these and other open-ended tools, the options are endless.

Google Apps for Education


Google Docs
Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Forms: Form Templates

Google Calendar
Getting Started

Google Sites
Portfolio Template

Google Maps
Crib Sheet

Google Earth
Google Lit Trips:

Even More . . .
Google Voice

Informational Sites
Google Tools Tutorials:
Google Docs Blog:
LifeHacker -
Common Craft Video ( )
Darren Kuropatwa's Gettin' Googley! wiki