Challenges & Exploratories

We're all arriving here at ASCDtx2010 with different experiences, needs and interests. If you are already a confident user of a particular tool or session strategy or your curiosity and goals are leading you on an alternate path, please feel free to try anything listed here as a way to personalize and extend your own learning and takeaways.

As you engage and explore, consider how you might use or adapt any of your discoveries for learning, leveraging, communicating and connecting in the classroom or for your own professional development.. also, please share!

Y'all - This was something I (Shelley) was going to develop to offer differentiation for participants throughout the two days -- a series of suggestions of things to explore or create that relate to the sessions or to web-based tools in general -- trying to plan for varied learners... let me know if you guys want to set this up... I have a list of about ten ideas... some better than others...)