Launching a Learning Community

We now have tools to build and strengthen learning communities. We have the opportunity to provide students with authentic assessment relationships over the web that can help dramatically improve student motivation. We can take advantage of the communication tools the Internet provides and explore ways to motivate students and connect them to the global community. During this session teachers may develop a class Web site, wiki or blog that can serve as a “home base” for future online interactions.

This session focuses on helping teachers, and in turn helping students to have a publication space for embedding and sharing their work. This is open to your favorites, as we know that there are personal preferences. We often look at Wikispaces, Edublogs (or something similar) and/or Weebly.

Notes from GDoc

Online Community (~90 min)
Classroom 2.0 (explore?)
Twitter -
Edmodo - (Edmodo is confusing when just starting).
Twiducate - Private SN - just blogging, really. - super-scaled-back Wordpress
Discovery Ed "Community Tools" -
Weebly (Education version) - - Teacher can create accounts for students with no email addresses required. Super easy site to use. Allows for building blogs and websites.
About Privacy: It's not a simple idea; it's fluid. Look at this:
BJM-I encourage getting parents more involved. If students are under 13 especially, have parents create and "own" the account. Get families working together.

Twitter in Plain English -
Blogs in Plain English -
Wikis in Plain English -

Clay Shirky: How social media can make history

The Question is: What do you want to do?
Answer: Show individual authorship and growth over time ... use a blog
Galleries of Thought (LO I have seen some amazing conversations occur on blogs that have massive reader response and feedback)

Answer: Let's get everyone on the same page! Individual authorship doesn't matter, collaboration/building content together - it's the final product that's most important ... use a wiki - BJM-Demonstrate how we modeled by collaboratively building our sessions for this event.

Using a wiki as the sole contributor is creating a living document (authorship isn't an issue in this case)

SP - was thinking about creating a quick collaborative wiki together -- curriculum compacting.... ?